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The destination for valuable data!

With digitalisation, data and information in companies have experienced an unprecedented growth in value in recent years. Information and data are the new black gold!

However, not all companies are aware of the potential of their data and information.

This is where SIMO D3 Consulting comes in.

In a three-stage process, we transform your data and information into qualified insights.

Focus on your data

Step 1 – D1: Deep Dive Analysis 

We record your current situation including all structured and organic company processes. Through our use of analysis tools and a workshop at your site, this deep dive analysis has a lasting and strong value-adding effect on the people involved, as all information and data facets are analysed down to the lowest level, enabling complete evaluation. All of the insights and results gained lead to a report that is presented and explained to you and your team on site.

The overall result and the report are the basis for optimising your company's operational capability.

The data path

Step 2 – D2: Data, Information Strategy and Action Plan

Every company is unique and has grown organically to a greater or lesser extent. Both from the core issues of philosophy, culture and the understanding of how the company is managed, but also which values and criteria underpin it.

In this step, we work with you to develop the objectives that are most beneficial for your company. Based on our experience and your needs, we build your Action Plan. With our individual coaching process, we guarantee that our jointly developed Action Plan will be adhered to and will bring out the best in your information and data in the long term. 

Data key

Step 3 – D3: An Information and Data Driven Organisation

A start has been made, but the more you understand what your data and information are actually capable of doing, the higher your standards will be. Training also gives you the basic skills to use your data and information to generate insights that are relevant to your goals. You will see new ways of reducing costs, optimising processes and automating production that you would never have thought possible before. We travel with you into the depths of your data and information management as it's now time for your corporate gold of the future, with which you can help your company to gain new strength. The transformation to a modern information and data-driven organisation has begun.

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