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SIMO academy 

Training centre for the information and data experts of tomorrow!

Amazon and Facebook have grown through the use and exploitation of data. In our understanding, every company should pay special attention and importance to its own information and data management.

SIMO training

In our SIMO Academy, we offer data manager training courses that are based on the requirements of entrepreneurial practice. The depth of the skills to be achieved, the commitment and the multiplication effect are particularly important.

Every company has to ensure that data and information management is assured at all times. They should therefore always employ highly skilled information and data experts who will ensure the provision of high quality Business Intelligence (BI). There are many benefits to employee training, all of which are geared towards the empowerment of the employee as a valued member of the organisation.


Because "knowledge is power", information and data-driven companies will maximise their profit when they have a highly skilled workforce. This is the formula for exponential growth combined with constant cost reduction.

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