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About Us

Everything about our Vision, our Mission, our History, our Team and our Partners

Our Vision


We see ourselves as uncompromisingly driven, focused on innovative solutions with the objective firmly in mind of breaking conventions and transforming the impossible into the possible, especially when others give up.

Our Mission


SIMO - We realize Structured Implementations of Data - Driven Methods in your  Organization.

We enable you to create the next level of data-driven business models and  successfully implement your strategies and plans. It is important to us to authentically anchor our passion for data and information in the best possible way.

Our team

Andreas O Schwan

is a data and information expert who has been dealing with this topic for more than two decades and has helped numerous companies to create value by effective data and information management. His background is in the financial sector, with a focus on risk management and compliance.

P1281193-2 copy - copy.jpg
Thomas Wassum 

is the founder whose background is in the digitalised printing industry. He uses this knowledge and experience for the benefit of the customers of SIMO.

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